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LALA - UBE Pastillas (BAG) - Singles - 24 Pieces - 96 G
LALA - UBE Pastillas (BAG) - Singles - 24 Pieces - 96 G

Lala Ube Pastillas is a new addition to the Lala milky chocolate family, an affordable yet high-quality sweet treat from the Philippines. It does not melt easily making it a perfect treat even during warm weather. In the Philippines, people do not refrigerate this to keep its shape. The good thing about Lala milky chocolate is, it is not fast based, so no oil is incorporated. It is purely made of cocoa and milk. Grab your 24 pieces bag of 96 grams now.


Lala Milky Chocolate is an invention of Mr. Salvacion Belaro the father of Ms. Lala Yabut. The Family is from Bicol and they migrated to Manila and started making a Bicol delicacy and then Lala.

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