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Lamthong - Jackfruit in Syrup (Yellow) - 20 OZ
Lamthong - Jackfruit in Syrup (Yellow) - 20 OZ

Jackfruit is a delicious tropical fruit widely available in Asian countries like the Philippines. Ripe jackfruit is normally eaten fresh while others are making some delicious jam out of it. This is also a popular ingredient to the famous halo-halo in the Philippines not only because of its delicious taste but also of its inviting aroma. Grab your 20-oz can of Lamthong Jackfruit in syrup yellow not and add it to your halo-halo, ginataang mais, ginataang bilo bilo, and more.

About Lamthong Food Industries

New Lamthong Foods Industries Co., Ltd. is a company in Thailand established in 1982. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and packing of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.

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