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Laura's - Biscocho de Manila (Baked Bread) - 175 G
Laura's - Biscocho de Manila (Baked Bread) - 175 G

Biscocho is a crunchy baked bread but the round biscocho by Laura’s also comes with layers of sugar sprinkles making it a perfect pair to your hot black coffee. Grab a 179-gram pack of Laura’s Biscocho de manila Baked Bread now and pair it with your favorite hot coffee, milk, tea, or chocolate drink for breakfast. It is also a perfect snack and pairs it with your favorite cold beverages.

About Laura’s Food Product Corporation

Laura’s Food Product Corporation is a business in the Philippines started as a neighborhood bakery with a store location in Hemady corner N Domingo. It is owned by the couple Luis and Laura Martinez. Today, as the company grew Laura’s products are available in leading supermarkets in the Philippines and are exported to the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

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