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Lemon Square -Whatta Flakes - Spanish Bread - 10 Pack - 300 G
Lemon Square -Whatta Flakes - Spanish Bread - 10 Pack - 300 G

Enjoy a unique experience of biting a Spanish bread flavor biscuit with Lemon Square Whatta Flakes Spanish Bread.  This flavored puff crackers can be new but its unique flavor of an all-time favorite Spanish Bread made this a promising treat. Grab your 10-pack of 300 gams now and enjoy a satisfying bite with family and friends.

About Lemon Square

Lemon Square is a company in the Philippines by then newlyweds Errol and Dulce started to offer homemade baked goodies to their neighbors and nearby communities. By word of mouth, the business has grown into what is now a company with modern automated technology offering delicious baked goods to the world.

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