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Leony's - Tuyo Pusit - Dried Squid - 3.53 OZ
Leony's - Tuyo Pusit - Dried Squid - 3.53 OZ

Dried fish is a perfect food to store if you want foods with longer shelf life without the need for a fridge. Cooking dried fish is also extremely easy. The most popular way of cooking it is just by frying it. You can enjoy your fried dried fish as a pair to your cup of steamed rice. Dipping it to seasoned vinegar will make your meal a perfect Filipino-style meal. Grab your 3.53-oz pack of Leonys Tuyo Pusit or dried squid now.

About Mica by the Sea Import and Export

Mica by the Sea Import and Export is a company in the Philippines based in Clark Free Port Zone, Clark Pampanga Philippines. They manufacture only export quality products and they export their products to different countries including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

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