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Lola Remedios - Food Supplement Syrup - 15 ML
Lola Remedios - Food Supplement Syrup - 15 ML

Lola Remedios is a herbal syrup that helps relieve symptoms of colds like chills, nausea, flatulence, and dizziness. It is also a good syrup to take in the onset of the sore throat because it has herbal ingredients like mint, honey, ginger, cloves, fennel, and jules wood. If you have colds and wish to relieve the discomfort it brings take a sachet of Lola Remedios. Grab a box of Lola Remedios 15ml now.

About PT Kino Indonesia Tbk (Kino)

PT Kino Indonesia Tbk (Kino) is a small company founded in 1991. The then-small company is into the distribution business and was then carrying the name PT Dutalestari Sentratama (DLS). As the company grows, it started food production in 1997. Today, the company carries numerous brands under their umbrella including Lola Remedios.

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