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Lucky Me - Instant Lomi Pouch - 65 G
Lucky Me - Instant Lomi Pouch - 65 G

Lucky Me Instant Lomi is another Batangas specialty in an instant form. Indulge a delicious hot bowl of Lucky Me Instant Lomi and you will surely be with the distinctive taste of real Batangas lomi taste. Just boil water then add the noodles and the flavoring. Enjoy while hot. This instant noodle soup has not artificial preservative added, thus healthy for everyone. This can be a perfect meal for cold and rainy weather.

About Monde Nissin

Monde Nissin is the company behind the popular Lucky Me. To encourage every family to gather at dinnertime, Monde Nissin launched Kaninang Pamilya Mahalaga (Family Mealtime Matters) advocacy.

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