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Maggi - Savor Liquid Seasoning Classic
Maggi - Savor Liquid Seasoning Classic

Enhance the flavor of your favorite meat dishes with Maggi Savor Classic Liquid 130 ml. Pour an amount of Maggi Savor to your meat to boost the flavor or have it as a finisher for your sizzling foods and stir fry dishes. This can also be a perfect base for your great tasting dips.

About Nestle

Founded by Henri Nestle, Nestle Philippines is in operational in the country for more than a hundred years now. To date, Nestle has grown to be a robust and stable company with over 2,000 brands including Maggi. Maggi is a food brand of Nestle founded by Julius Maggi, a pioneer in cooking innovations. Maggi has various products including Maggi Magic Sarap, seasoning, bouillons, sauces and mixes like sinigang mix.

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