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Maria Clara - Frozen Beans - Kadios - 227 G
Maria Clara - Frozen Beans - Kadios - 227 G

Black beans or is a star in some Filipino dishes especially in Iloilo where they have a dish called KBL that stands for Kadyos, Baboy, and Langka (black beans, pork, and green jackfruit). Kadyos has a nutty and grain-like texture when cooked giving your popular Ilonggo dish a balanced flavor of earthiness. Other than its unique delicious taste, kadyos is also rich in protein making it a perfect choice for vegans as a meat substitute.

Other than the Ilonggo dish, kadyos is also cooked in a Caribbean style that is a little sweet and spicy. The Ilokanos also have their style of cooking kadyos and they call it, ginisang kadyos. Grab your 8-oz Maria Clara Black Beans Kadyos Frozen now.

All frozen goods are packed and shipped inside a cool shield thermal packaging material and come with multiple non-toxic food grade frozen gel ice packs.

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