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Martin Purefoods - Chicken Tocino Loaf - Fully Cooked - 16 OZ
Martin Purefoods - Chicken Tocino Loaf - Fully Cooked - 16 OZ

Chicken tocino is a delicious and tender cured chicken that is so popular in the Philipines. Ingredients for curing include brown sugar, pineapple juice, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, and pepper to marinate the chicken. Martin Purefoods Chicken Tocino Loaf Fully Cooked is easy to cook too. Just thaw, pre-heat the pan, add cooking oil, and stir fry. Serve with a cup of steamed rice. Grab your 16-oz chicken tocino now.

About Martin Purefoods Corporation

Martin Purefoods Corporation is a company in the United States serving Filipinos from different states and territories to satisfy their cravings for Filipino foods. Serving the Filipinos for over 25 years the company has become synonymous with Filipino meat products like longanisa, tocino, and red hotdogs.

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