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Martin Purefoods - Chunky Corned Beef - 12 OZ
Martin Purefoods - Chunky Corned Beef - 12 OZ

Martin Purefoods - Chunky Corned Beef - 12 OZ

About Martin Purefoods

Filipinos have an intense love affair with food. While other cultures greet each other with “How are you?” our customary greeting is “Kain na!” (“Let’s eat!”). It’s an invitation to connect, to bond and to share life. For Filipinos, food is more than sustenance for the body. It is nourishment for the soul.

In the United States and its territories, Filipinos have turned to Martin Purefoods to satisfy the food cravings they miss from the Philippines. For over 25 years, Martin Purefoods has become synonymous with Philippine-style meat products such as longanisa, tocino and red hotdogs.

Thoughtfully crafted from traditional Filipino recipes and carefully passed down from generations, Martin Purefoods products are made with only the best ingredients that are sourced from around the globe.

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