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Martin Purefoods - Chunky Corned Beef (Premium Quality) Square- 12 OZ
Martin Purefoods - Chunky Corned Beef (Premium Quality) Square- 12 OZ

Corned beef is a classic favorite for every Filipino, especially for breakfast. To enjoy it for breakfast, just sautee some onion and garlic and add a can of corned beef. You can pair it with steamed rice or make some Corned Beef Silog from it, a meal consisting of fried rice, egg, and corned beef. Grab your 12-oz can of Martin Purefoods Chunky Corned Beed Premium Quality Square now.

About Martin Purefoods Corporation

Martin Purefoods Corporation is a company in the United States serving Filipinos from different states and territories to satisfy their cravings for Filipino foods. Serving the Filipinos for over 25 years the company has become synonymous with Filipino meat products like longanisa, tocino, and red hotdogs.

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