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Martin Purefoods - Hot Dogs with Cheese - 12 OZ
Martin Purefoods - Hot Dogs with Cheese - 12 OZ

Who would not love the Filipino Hotdogs? If you miss those delicious red hotdogs back home, worry no more because you can now enjoy Martin Purefoods Hot Dogs with cheese. These goodies are naturally smoked and fully cooked. You can enjoy it straight with your steamed rice or with your spaghetti and of course with your hotdog bun. Grab a 12-oz pack of Martin Purefoods Hot Dogs with cheese now because the cheese makes the hotdog tastes exciting.

About Martin Purefoods Corporation

Martin Purefoods Corporation is a company in the United States serving Filipinos from different states and territories to satisfy their cravings for Filipino foods. Serving the Filipinos for over 25 years the company has become synonymous with Filipino meat products like longanisa, tocino, and red hotdogs.

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