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Martin Purefoods - Philippine Style Beef Tapa (Sliced Beef Chuck Roll) - 12 OZ
Martin Purefoods - Philippine Style Beef Tapa (Sliced Beef Chuck Roll) - 12 OZ

Tapa is a dish popular in the Philippines and is a classic favorite to many Filipinos. It is made of thinly sliced meat. The most common meat used for Tapa is beef. The meat is sliced thinly for easy cooking. It is then cured with salt and spices. When ready, the meat is then fried to make the Filipino delicious breakfast meal called Tapsilog - consist of tapa, fried rice, and egg. Grab your 16-oz Martin Purefoods Philippine Style Beef Tapa Sliced Beef Chuck Roll now.

About Martin Purefoods Corporation

Martin Purefoods Corporation is a company in the United States serving Filipinos from different states and territories to satisfy their cravings for Filipino foods. Serving the Filipinos for over 25 years the company has become synonymous with Filipino meat products like longanisa, tocino, and red hotdogs.

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