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By: Maya
Maya - Cake Flour - Enriched - Pre-sifted - 400 G
Maya - Cake Flour - Enriched - Pre-sifted - 400 G

Cake flour is a kind of flour made especially for cake baking. Maya cake flour undergoes meticulous processes from milling to enriching to pre-sifting allowing you to produce high-quality baked goodies. With Maya cake flour your cakes are fluffy, which is an ultimate goal for chefs and home bakers. Grab your 400-gram pack of Maya Cake Flour Enriches Pre-sifted now.

About The Maya Kitchen

The Maya Kitchen was first known as Maya Bakeshop that opened its doors to the market in 1964. As the bakeshop gathered a team of experts, it began offering classes to aspiring bakers. In the 1980s, Maya Bakeshop became The Maya Kitchen and now offers online classes.

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