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Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil (Green) - 180 G
Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil (Green) - 180 G

Mega Tuna Flakes Spanish Style Blue is not your ordinary tuna. It is made from 100% pure tuna. If you are looking for a canned fish that can be used in almost every dish or recipe you like, this is the variant for you. Grab a 180-gram can now and make it a perfect partner to your hot and steamy rice. You can also add this to your gourmet tuna pasta or your tuna bread or your stir-fried vegetables.

About Mega Global Corporation

Mega Global Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of canned goods. It is the company behind MEGA SARDINES - the Number 1 Sardines Brand in the Philippines, and other innovative, high-quality, and value-for-money products namely, MEGA CREATIONS Premium Sardines, MEGA TUNA, and MEGA PRIME Canned Vegetables.

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