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Megan's - Premium Choco Tablets (Tablea) - - 8 Tablets - 7.05 OZ
Megan's - Premium Choco Tablets (Tablea) - - 8 Tablets - 7.05 OZ

In cold weather, a cup of hot chocolate drink is a perfect beverage to drink. Enjoy a taste of real cacao with Megan’s Premium Choco Tablets Tablea. On the other hand, you can also mix it with your porridge. Bakers also love using cacao tablets for their chocolate cake, ganache, frosting, and other recipes that call for a need of unsweetened chocolate. Grab your 7.05-oz pack of Megan’s Premium Choco Tablets Tablea now.

About Jamla Corporation

Jampa Corporation is a company in the Philippines by Mr. Alfonso P. Panopio. With an address located in Brgy. Barangka, Mandaluyong City, Jamla Corporation is the manufacturer of the popular Spanish chocolate of Batangas that comes in tablea and instant chocolate powder form.

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