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Milagros Farms - Green Mung Beans - Haricots Mungo - 14 OZ
Milagros Farms - Green Mung Beans - Haricots Mungo - 14 OZ
Mung bean is not only a delicious legume but it also has impressive health benefits. It comes with healthy nutrients, has a high antioxidant level that helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases, helps lower bad cholesterol levels, rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium, and folate. You can boil mung beans until tender and add sugar to eat straight or try some delicious recipes including mung bean soup, curry, and stew. Add anything you like from vegetables to meats and more. You can also make your mung bean sprout from this 14 oz Milagros Farms  Green Mung Beans Harucots Mungo. Simply clean the mung beans and soak until sprouts come out.

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