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Mother's Choice - Spicy Stew Mix - Caldereta - 1.76 OZ
Mother's Choice - Spicy Stew Mix - Caldereta - 1.76 OZ

Caldereta is a delicious stew dish popular in the Philippines. You can find a bowl of it during special occasions or even just a simple meal with family and friends. Achieving the perfect caldereta with a taste of all the ingredients in one pack is now possible with Mother’s Choice Spicy Stew Mix Caldereta. Bring to boil your desired meat, add your favorite vegetables, serve and enjoy. Grab your 1.76 oz pack now.

About Fitrite Incorporated

Fitrite Incorporated is a Filipino-owned company originally operated as a dental product supplier founded in 1956. It was in 1974 that the company ventured into food manufacturing because of high demand and then started exporting in 1982. The company is dedicated to bringing only local Philippine foods to Filipinos abroad.

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