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Navarro's Bleaching Soap - Instant Permanent White - 135 G
Navarro's Bleaching Soap - Instant Permanent White - 135 G

Enjoy a whiter flawless skin with Navarro’s Bleaching Soap instant permanent white. It is specially formulated to help even skin pigmentation and discoloration. It also helps lightens dark spots, minimize age spots, melasma, scars, freckles, acne or pimples, and stretch marks. In addition, Navarro's bleaching soap also has SPF 20 which protects you from the harm of sunlight when outside. It can also reduce unwanted body odor, unclog and reduce pores. Grab your 135-gram bar of Navarro’s Bleaching Soap Instant Permanent White now.

About Navarro Bleach

Navarro Bleach is a company in the Philippines with Mary Ann Navaro Labajan as the CEO and formulator. The company offers various bleaching products including soaps, lotions, and dry mixes.

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