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By: Nestle
Nestle - Milo - Chocolate Canned Drink - 240 ML
Nestle - Milo - Chocolate Canned Drink - 240 ML

Milo is a popular chocolate drink in the Philippines. Kids love to munch the crunchy powder itself. Milo is good for an active person for it provides vitamins and minerals. It can be served hot or cold. Milo has a lot of use if you want more from it other than being your delicious beverage. Others use it as a flavor for their homemade ice cream, Milo shake and many more.

About Nestle

Founded by Henri Nestle, Nestle Philippines is in operational in the country for more than a hundred years now. To date, Nestle has grown to be a robust and stable company with over 2,000 brands including Milo.

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