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By: Nora
Nora - Nido Oriental Soup Mix - 62 G
Nora - Nido Oriental Soup Mix - 62 G

Chinese style Nido Oriental Soup is an all-time favorite especially during cold seasons and rainy weather. This keeps us warm and the good taste of creamy Nido oriental soup makes us feel great. Nora Chinese Nido Oriental Soup mix lets you enjoy a hot, creamy and delicious Nido oriental soup in as short as five minutes. Pour a packet of Chinese style Nido Oriental Soup mix in a cup of cold water, mix and set aside. Bring water to boil, pour the mixture and stir until mixture is thick. Add an egg for added flavor. Simmer and serve while hot.

About Capital Foods International

Established over 25 years ago, Capital Foods International specialized in Chinese dessert mixes. With their expertise and experience, the company expanded to various packaged foods with suppliers worldwide.

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