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By: Nora
Nora - Purple Yam Porridge - UBE Champorado -2.68 OZ
Nora - Purple Yam Porridge - UBE Champorado -2.68 OZ

Champorado is a delicious and healthy snack food of all time. It is the perfect comfort food for cold and rainy weather. Others indulged it with evaporated milk while others topped it with powdered milk and some dried fish. Now comes with ube flavor, champorado becomes more exciting. Perfect Champorado is now easy to prepare with Nora Kitchen Purple Yam Porridge or Ube Champorado. Grab your 3.17 oz cup now to enjoy instantly.

About Capital Foods International

Established over 25 years ago, Capital Foods International specializes in Chinese dessert mixes. With their expertise and experience, the company expanded to various packaged foods with suppliers worldwide.

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