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Nutroplex - Multivitamins Minerals + Lysine - 120 ML
Nutroplex - Multivitamins Minerals + Lysine - 120 ML

A good source of nutrition is nutritious foods. However, for some unexplainable reasons,
kids usually do not get the right amount of nutrients they need in foods alone, that is why we give them food supplements Nutroplex is a supplement that helps your child get the needed Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin B complex that will help them have an alert mind.
Grab your 120-ml bottle now.

About Unilab

Unilab is a Filipino Company started as a drug store in Binondo Manila by two friends Jose Y. Campos (JY) and Mariano K. Tan (MK) using the name United Drug sometime in 1945. To date, Unilab is one of the country's most trusted healthcare companies.

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