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O' Tasty - Spring Roll Shells - 25 Pieces - 12 OZ
O' Tasty - Spring Roll Shells - 25 Pieces - 12 OZ

If you love spring rolls or lumpia, then for once, you surely want to make one on your own. Whether you are making pork, chicken, fish, or vegetable spring roll, you need a lumpia or spring roll wrapper. For a quality lumpia wrapper, you should get this 12 oz pack of O’ Tasty Spring Roll Shells. With approximately 25 pieces in a pack, you surely can make enough for yourself and your friends and family.

About O’ Tasty Food Inc.

O’ Tasty Food Inc. is a company in California, the USA that was founded in 1994. Through the years, the company is the leader in oriental frozen foods. Using only authentic recipes and high-quality ingredients, the company is the largest potsticker supplier in North America.

WARNING: All frozen goods are packed and shipped inside a cool shield thermal packaging material and come with multiple non-toxic food grade frozen gel ice packs. There's a chance that it will arrive thawed.  AND WILL NOT HONOR REFUNDS DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. Only order frozen products at your own risk.

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