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By: Oishi
Oishi - Cracklings in Salt & Vinegar
Oishi - Cracklings in Salt & VinegarOishi - Cracklings in Salt & Vinegar

Oishi Cracklings in Salt & Vinegar is a perfect pair to beer for beer lover during their drinking sessions. However, this ribbed salty and sour crackling is perfect just for fun munching moment anytime of the day. This can also be a perfect substitute for popcorn during movie times at home and theaters.

About Oishi Company

Liwayway Holdings Company Limited is the company doing business under the name Oishi. It is a snack company based in the Philippines. The company started out as Liwayway, selling cornstarch and repacking coffee. Using Japan technology, the company started distributing Oishi products in 1974.

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