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By: Oishi
Oishi - Sponge Crunch - A Choco Soaked Snack- 120 G
Oishi - Sponge Crunch - A Choco Soaked Snack- 120 G

Are you a chocolate lover looking to enjoy a snack to enjoy anytime and anywhere you wanted to? Oishi Sponge Crunch Choco is the perfect snack for you. This cereal-like snack with a spongey texture is loaded with chocolate because it is soaked in chocolate. Grab your 120-gram bag of Oishi Sponge Crunch Choco now.

About Oishi Company

Liwayway Holdings Company Limited is a company doing business under the name Oishi. It is a snack company based in the Philipines. The company started as Liwayway, selling corn starch and repacking coffee. Using Japanese technology, the company started distributing Oishi products in 1974.

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