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Orell's - Glazed Banana Thins Cinnamon - 7 OZ
Orell's - Glazed Banana Thins Cinnamon - 7 OZ

Enjoy healthy snacks in an instant with Orell’s Banana Thins. Each jar of this healthy and delicious snack lets your help, local banana suppliers, in the Philippines, because Orell’s sourced bananas from local suppliers. Proper food handling makes you enjoy not only delicious but safe and fresh banana snacks too. Grab your 7-oz jar of Orell’s Glazed Banana Thins Cinnamon now and enjoy the health benefits of banana and cinnamon in one snack.

About Orell’s Cassava Thins

Orell’s Cassava Thins is a brand of snack foods under Pempeyo International Foods, Inc., a company in the Philippines that produces delicious and high-quality foodstuff. The company started with its delicious snack Banana Thins in 2004.

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