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Orell's - Glazed Taro Thins - 110 G
Orell's - Glazed Taro Thins - 110 G

Taro can be a newcomer to the snacks family available in the market today, but like the cassava, this too is a promising one. Now, you can enjoy this amazing snack treat and avail of Orell’s Taro Thins. Grab your 3-oz jar of Orell’s Taro Thins and enjoy these thinly sliced taro roots, deep-fried to perfection, and enjoy it with your friends and family.

About Orell’s Cassava Thins

Orell’s Cassava Thins is a brand of snack foods under Pempeyo International Foods, Inc., a company in the Philippines that produces delicious and high-quality foodstuff. The company started with its delicious snack Banana Thins in 2004.

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