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PALM - Liver Spread - 8 OZ
PALM - Liver Spread - 8 OZPALM - Liver Spread - 8 OZPALM - Liver Spread - 8 OZ

Liver spread is a classic favorite among Filipino kids. It is popularly enjoyed as a filling to bread, especially in a Filipino pandesal. However, other than that, the liver spread is also used as a secret ingredient for many chefs and cooking enthusiasts in making Kaldereta. Grab your 8-oz can of Palm Liver Spread and enjoy it with your pandesal or in your Kaldereta recipe.

About McCallum Industries

Palm is a brand carried by McCallum Industries. The company is founded by Hector McCallum in 1974. Mr. McCallum is an immigrant to New Zealand from Scotland. Since its inception in 1974, McCallum Industries is an outstanding supplier of processed meat products to the world.


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