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Pampanga's Bakery - Pandesal - 12 Piece
Pampanga's Bakery - Pandesal - 12 PiecePampanga's Bakery - Pandesal - 12 Piece

Pandesal is a Filipino version of dinner bread rolled in breadcrumbs before baking. Pandesal has become the breakfast bread for Filipinos for ages. This soft and delicious bread is perfect for your cup of hot coffee or chocolate drink. Fill it with your favorite filling like cheese, cheese spread, sandwich spread, and more. You can even make a piece of delicious garlic bread out of it by putting some garlic spread and baking until light brown. Grab your 13-piece pack of Pampanga’s Bakery Pandesal and get a taste of the classic pandesal.

About Pampanga’s Bakery

Pampanga’s bakery is a bakery in California serving Filipino foods, bread, pastries, and desserts. They only serve delicious and authentic Filipino foods.

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