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Kagat Bakery - UBE Cheese Pandesal - 10 Piece
Kagat Bakery - UBE Cheese Pandesal - 10 Piece

Pandesal is a Filipino version of dinner bread rolled in breadcrumbs before baking. Pandesal has become the breakfast bread for Filipinos for ages. Today, the classic pandesal comes with a twist and is called ube pandesal. This soft and delicious bread is oozing with a purple yam flavor. Grab your 10-piece pack of Pampanga’s Bakery Ube Pandesal and get a new taste of the classic pandesal and pair it with your favorite hot coffee, milk, tea, or chocolate drink.

About Pampanga’s Bakery

Pampanga’s bakery is a bakery in California serving Filipino foods, bread, pastries, and desserts. They only serve delicious and authentic Filipino foods.

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