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Pan De Manila - Yema Spread - All Natural - 230 ML
Pan De Manila - Yema Spread - All Natural - 230 ML

This all-natural Yema Spread from Pan De Manila is the perfect way to add a unique and delicious flavor to your favorite snacks and desserts. Made with ingredients sourced from the Philippines, this 230 ML spread is full of rich, creamy yema flavor that will make your taste buds dance. Enjoy the sweet and creamy flavor of yema with no added preservatives or artificial colors. Perfect for adding a little something extra to your favorite recipes or Pandesal!

About Pan de Manila

Pan de Manila is a known bakery in the Philippines that operates for 2 decades now. The company boast of their bread made from scratch using only high-quality ingredients and delivering it fresh to the tables of its customers. The bakery is known for its pandesal but also offers other products that match perfectly with its pandesal.

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