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Pik-Nik Ketchup Flavor Fries (BIG) - 9 OZ
Pik-Nik Ketchup Flavor Fries (BIG) - 9 OZPik-Nik Ketchup Flavor Fries (BIG) - 9 OZ

Pik-Nik Ketchup Flavor Fries is a healthy snack option for snack lovers of all ages. The ketchup flavoring adds up to the taste satisfaction of those craving for fries and ketchup partnership. The fries are packed in the reclosable canisters to keep the fries fresh, crunchy and tasty until the last bite.


    • Fresh Vegetables
    • Pure Vegetable Oil
    • Sea Salt
  • Finest Seasonings
  • About Pik-Nik

    Pik-Nik Shoe String Potatoes is an all-American snack company for more than 80 years now. The company started in San Jose California in the 1930s. As of to date, Pik-Nik Foods, USA is a popular shoe string potatoes in the United States and around the globe.

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