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RGIES - Butterscotch Squares with Cashews - 10 Pieces - 170 G
RGIES - Butterscotch Squares with Cashews - 10 Pieces - 170 G

Butterscotch is a classic favorite when it comes to baked goodies, sweets, and desserts. Butterscotch bars are just a few of the many goodies with butterscotch. Butterscotch bars now come with additions like mango, cashew nuts, and more. Grab a 10 piece 170-gram pack of Rgies Butterscotch Squares with cashew nuts now and you will surely love how the classic favorite has evolved.

About Rgies

Rgies is a company in the Philippines by couple Ramon and Grace Javelosa, which started as a cooking hobby. The couple just cook goodies for families and friends as gifts and pasalubong. Later the couple decided to register the then hobby to a business and spelled it RGs, which stands for the first letters of their names.

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