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By: Ricoa
Ricoa - Breakfast Cocoa Powder Mix - 160 G
Ricoa - Breakfast Cocoa Powder Mix - 160 G

If you are looking for a high quality chocolate powder for your hot cholo drink in the morning or during cols and rainy season, Ricoa cocoa powder mix is a good choice. It can give you rich chocolatey hot drinks and even to your baked goodies. Many homebakers are using ricoa to their baked treats that ask for cocoa powder. Grab your 160-gram tub of Ricoa Breakfast Cocoa Powder Mix now.

About COMFOODS (Commonwealth Foods Inc.)

COMMONWEALTH FOODS, INC. (Comfoods Inc.) is a Filipino company that is composed of three individual companies pioneering in the Philippine food manufacturing industry including Commonwealth Foods, Inc, Philippine Food Industries, Inc. and Filipinas Biscuit Corporation. Ricoa is under the Philfood Division of COMFOODS Inc.

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