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Rita Ritz - Lagundi Dried Herbal Tea - 14 Tea Bags - 18 G
Rita Ritz - Lagundi Dried Herbal Tea - 14 Tea Bags - 18 G

Lagundi is a known herbal plant in the Philippines with lots of health benefits especially for cough. People used to boil some lagundi leaves and drink tea for the relief of cough. Later, pharmaceuticals formulated the Lagundi cough syrup. However, it would be healthier if you will take lagundi in its natural tea form. Grab your 18-gram box with 14 teabags of Rita Ritz Lagundi Dried Herbal Tea now.

About Rita Ritz

Rita Ritz is a pioneer when it comes to herbal tea making in the Philippines. This Filipino owned company is highly dedicated to developing natural, herbal and organic products. It created a name in the niche of natural food. Rita Ritz became known with its product PITO PITO.

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