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Rita Ritz - Mangosteen Pericarp Tea - 7 Tea Bags - 18 G
Rita Ritz - Mangosteen Pericarp Tea - 7 Tea Bags - 18 G

Mangosteen is also known as purple mangosteen is a tropical tree native to tropical countries like the Philippines. Its fruits offer numerous health benefits making it a popular herbal plant in Asia. Being rich in antioxidants, mangosteen is known to be anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial to name a few. Grab your box with 7 teabags of 18-grams of Rita Ritz Mangosteen Pericarp tea now.

About Rita Ritz

Rita Ritz is a pioneer when it comes to herbal tea making in the Philippines. This Filipino-owned company is highly dedicated to developing natural, herbal and organic products. It created a name in the niche of natural food. Rita Ritz became known with its product PITO PITO.

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