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Ryx Skin - Radiant Boost Clarifying Set 250g
Ryx Skin - Radiant Boost Clarifying Set 250gRyx Skin - Radiant Boost Clarifying Set 250g

☑️ K-Beauty Formulation

What is K-Beauty Formulation?

🦋 Korean Skincare Products are the most gentler because they are using ONLY natural, unique and harsh-free ingredients passed through multiple generations.

🦋 It aims at giving you rejuvenated, healthy and glowing skin. The magic is in the ingredients that are native to Korea.

🦋 Ginseng, Snail mucin, Mugwort extract, Fermented rice water, Licorice root, Pearl, Birch, Bamboo extract are some of the most popular ingredients used in Korean skincare and some of them are PRESENT on our RADIANT BOOST CLARIFYING SET. 🤍

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