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By: Sagana
Sagana - Crispy Garlic Chips - Bawang - 6 OZ
Sagana - Crispy Garlic Chips - Bawang - 6 OZ

Fried garlic is a delicious addition to everything you cook. You can add it as a topping to
your fried rice, to your stir-fried vegetables, to your dips, and many more. Today, people
created another amazing and delicious garlic treat in the form of crispy garlic chips.
Making one is easy by slicing garlic as thin as possible and deep fry.

However, you can skip all those and enjoy delicious fried garlic in a snap with BSagana
Crispy Garlic Chips Bawang. With less salt, this one is perfect to munch to add flavour to
your foods and dips. If you have been craving some authentic Asian cuisine with lots of
garlic on it, grab your jar now and top ample amount to your dishes and enjoy!

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