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Sagana - Roasted Watermelon Seeds - Butong Pakwan - 8 OZ
Sagana - Roasted Watermelon Seeds - Butong Pakwan - 8 OZ

Watermelon seed, known in the Philippines as Butong Pakwan is a fun snack to munch.
This salty snack needs to be peeled first and consume the seed right after. This is
perfect for snack time, movie time, and when just killing time.

It also comes with various health benefits including low calorie, rich in magnesium, iron,
zinc, and contains good fats. This only proves that butong pakwan is not a only delicious
and fun snack treat to munch but healthy too. Grab your 8-oz pack of Sagana Roasted
Watermelon Seed or Butong Pakwan now and enjoy snacking with family and friends.

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