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By: Sagana
Sagana - Special Cornic - Crispy Roasted Corn - 500 G
Sagana - Special Cornic - Crispy Roasted Corn - 500 G
Chichacorn or sometimes called Cornick is a staple snack to the majority of Filipinos. Other than being widely available, it is a delicious and healthy snack that comes in different flavors. It is made of white corn kernels that are boiled, dried, and fried. Others enjoyed it over a glass of beer. While others enjoyed it dipped in vinegar. Other than the delicious taste, corn also has different health benefits as it contains vitamin C that helps support the immune system. To take a good taste of this popular snack food, grab a 500-gram bag of Sagana Special Chichacorn Crispy Roasted Corn now and enjoy munching with family and friends.

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