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San Miguel Purefoods - Luncheon Meat - 12 OZ
San Miguel Purefoods - Luncheon Meat - 12 OZ

Make a delicious Filipino breakfast meal with nicely done luncheon meat. Luncheon meat is processed and pre-cooked meat that can be sliced into thin pieces. Cooking is easy as it only requires a little frying. Other than for a meal, you can also make a delicious sandwich out of it. Grab your 12-oz can of San Miguel Purefoods Luncheon Meat now.

About San Miguel Foods

San Miguel Foods is a company in the Philippines and a division of San Miguel Food and Beverages, Inc. The company houses the leading food companies in the Philippines making the company the most diversified food company offering animal feeds, fresh and processed meats, fresh chicken, flour, ready-to-eat foods, spreads, dairy, and coffee.

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