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San Sebastian - Spanish Style in Olive Oil (Hot and Spicy) - 230 G
San Sebastian - Spanish Style in Olive Oil (Hot and Spicy) - 230 G

Many of us love sardines in tomato sauce. Some of us consumed it straight from the can and added some vinegar or soy sauce to taste while others cooked it with egg or sautéed it with garlic and onion. The Spanish-style sardines in olive oil is a whole new style of preserving sardines that excites every taste bud. It can be enjoyed with your hot steamed or fried rice or have it topped on your pizza or pasta. Grab your 230-gram of San Sebastian Spanish-style Sardines in olive oil hot and spicy now.

About Alenter Food Inc

Alenter Food Inc is a company in the Philippines and is the manufacturer of San
Sebastian seafood specialties. The company is also responsible for exporting the products to the USA. Canada, and Dubai. All of the San Sebastian products are HACCP and HALAL certified

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