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Sanzo - Calamansi Sparkling Water - 12 OZ
Sanzo - Calamansi Sparkling Water - 12 OZ

Calamansi is a staple in every Filipino home. It is a good source of Vitamin C. Looking at this tiny yet healthy fruit, it looks like a lime and a little mandarin, but it is called Calamansi with a unique tangy taste. This is also known as the Philippine Lime. Today enjoy a delicious calamansi flavoured drink with a can of Sanzo Calamansi sparkling water. Grab your 12-oz can now.

About Sanzo

Sanzo is a company founded by Sandro Roco who is a Queens-born Filipino American. He was inspired to bridge the gap between the modern, clean labels of the new-age “American” brands and the preservative- and sugar-laden labels of the legacy Asian brands while walking down in an Asian supermarket.

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