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By: Silka
Silka - Green Papaya - Deodorant - 40 ML
Silka - Green Papaya - Deodorant - 40 ML

Our underarm must be dry, odor-free, and bright. All these are easy to achieve with Silka deodorant. Silka helps you protect your underarm from odour and wetness. Also, Silka Deodorant helps whiten the underarm and prevents it from darkening. Grab your 40-ml Silka Green Papaya Deodorant now and enjoy an odor-free and dry underarm all day.

About Cosmetique Asia Corporation

Cosmetique Asia Corporation is a Filipino Company founded by Alexander S. Co in 2001. As a cosmetics corporation, the company has Silka Papaya as its flagship brand. Then come Juicy cologne, Biogenic, and Bambini. To date, the company develops new products continuously.

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