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By: Smooze
Smooze - Fruit Ice - Coconut Mango - 17.6 OZ
Smooze - Fruit Ice - Coconut Mango - 17.6 OZ
Snooze is a new favorite in every household. It is made of an amazing combination of mango and coconut milk. With the combination, you will surely enjoy a new taste sensation with its optimum taste plus the nutrients that coconut and mango provide. If you are health conscious, you will love Smooze fruit ice because it is rich in Vitamin C, has no high fructose corn syrup content, has no preservatives, has zero cholesterol, no trans fat, has no artificial flavor, is vegan, contains no dairy, and gluten-free. Enjoy the aroma of mango and its sweet taste. Grab your 65-ml box of Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut Mango now.

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