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Spam - Lite - 12 OZ
Spam - Lite - 12 OZ

People who need to cut off sodium, fat, and calories on their diet know that foods can be less tasty. However, we are so lucky that SPAM hears us out and keeps the delicious full taste of the classic flavour but less on others. Enjoy your SPAM recipes now without worrying about your sodium, fat, and calorie intake. Grab your 12-oz can of SPAM Lite with 25% less sodium, 33% fewer calories, and 50% less fat now.

About Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods is a company that introduces SPAM Luncheon Meat. It is a Fortune 500 company and is into manufacturing and marketing high-quality foods and meat products worldwide. The company was founded by George A. Hormel in 1891 as Geo. A. Hormel & Co. in Austin Minnesota.

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