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Special Bantayan Cebu - Dried Tunsoy - Unsalted Herring - 120 G
Special Bantayan Cebu - Dried Tunsoy - Unsalted Herring - 120 G

Dried Katambak is a delicious and popular dried fish in the Philippines. It has a long shelf life making it easily accessible when needed. You can store it in your pantry and use it when needed. There are lots of dishes you can make from dried katambak. You can fry it and top it on your steamed rice. Add some sunny side up or scrambled egg and you can have the favorite Pinoy breakfast. Add to your meal a cup of hot and delicious black coffee or hot choco drink. Grab your 120-gram pack of Special Bantayan Cebu Dried Katambak or Salted Sweetlip Emperor Fish now.

⚠️Notice to California consumers related to CA Proposition 65 warning. Click here to read.


Number of fish in one pack may vary. 

size may be different but grams are all the same 

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