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Stikko - Chocolate Wafer Sticks in Jar - 14.1 OZ
Stikko - Chocolate Wafer Sticks in Jar - 14.1 OZ

Satisfy your cravings for chocolate with Stikko Chocolate Wafer Sticks in 14.10 oz. jar. Stikko is a wafer rolled into a stick made only with the finest ingredients by Arnott’s Indonesia and hailed as The Real Wafer Sticks. Treat yourself now anytime, anywhere you want! Get a jar of Stikko Chocolate Wafer Sticks for your perfect snack time.

About Arnott’s Indonesia

Stikko wafer stick is a manufactured by Arnott’s Indonesia, a subsidiary of Campbell Company. Campbell Company is a US food and beverage multinational company. Arnott’s have brands like Time, Tim Tam and Nyam Nyam to name a few and that includes Stikko.

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